­­­­­­­Alcuris Tender Brief – ISG Application 2019



By 2025 90% of existing 1.7 million telecare systems will no longer work due to the digital switchover of the phonelines. Alcuris has created an innovative new telecare platform which will apply new technologies such as IoT and interoperability, to existing telecare technology, in order to produce an alarm system which also has the capability to alert family members or carers to detected behavioral changes.

Currently there is no single hardware which can carry out all these functions. Alcuris will be looking to create this hardware with the specific requirement to incorporate 4G, modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, rfid, 868mhz and ZigBee functionality, all in one unit. This currently does not exist.

The hardware must combine a number of technologies into a single consumer focused product which needs to adhere to exiting analogue standards as well as new digital standards and contain a level of redundancy to ensure it’s future-proof. Most current products in this space are either telecare or telehealth or behavioral monitoring or care logging; we’re combining all these functionalities into a single product.


  • To build upon our current development electronic platform in order to design the electronic which would enable us to comply with EMC testing to gain CE certification
  • To meet BS EN 50134-7 (Telecare standard)
  • To ensure that the components chosen are commercially available to be supported and meet out ‘future-proof’ requirements.


  • Understanding what we want to get out of the design and our requirements
  • Developing the electronics plan and printed circuit boards
  • Must be able to manage the production of 5 sets of prototype electronic PCBs
  • Producing test firmware then carry out EMC testing on the newly developed electronics
  • Produce a small batch (25) of PCBs which will then be testing in real world environment
  • Compile CE documentation for self-certification.

Selection Criteria

  • Expertise – Provider must excel within their field and offer expertise in assisting with the innovation and engineering requirements of the product
  • Capability – Provider must have the expertise and resources to meet the project requirements
  • Value for Money – The provider must demonstrate GOOD value for money from their quote, not necessarily the cheapest option but the best value for money
  • Cultural fit – The provider is required to meet a cultural fit with Alcuris, be willing to work to any ethical requirements and be willing to mirror our approach to this project.
  • Quotes must be undated or valid for 90 days to allow for the time needed to process them.


Submission requirements: Tender Response, Quote, Statement of Innovation.

Tender Closing Date: 29/07/2019.


Template for Responses

Please respond to tender on company headed paper and use the tender response template below:

Company Name
Tender response Date
Introduction What the company does and the services and products it provides, how long it has been in operation, company organisation chart, ethos of the company.
Understanding the requirements To demonstrate full understanding of our business and the project, the principles and values which are important to the project and the business and evidence of the above
The Approach Solution How you propose to deliver the service/who will be involved etc
Quote Exact pricing information to be included in the proposal and how it should be presented
Statement of Innovation How you plan to approach the project in an innovative way
Other Any subsequent information you feel it would be useful or necessary to support our selection process.


To submit a response for this tender please send a zipped folder with the response documentation here. If you have any queries about the tender please submit them here.